Proj-1: Designing A Mind-Map

16 Sep

Hello all,

The last Graphic Design course started, and we start the first project with all our energy..In this project we are going to look for the connection in life, and visualize facts and data by using the power of graphic design. From the movies “Home” & “Story of stuff” we collected notes,and started connecting the facts and make a relation between the two movies.

-What are the problems facing our earth?

-Who is the responsible for all these problems?

-What the earth was look like before all todays developments?

-Why we have to care about it?

-What can I do as an artist -designer- for the world”earth”?

-How can art help the earth?

-What are the solutions ?

and a lot more of questions comes to my mind..

And after we saw the two movies I realized that everything around us is connected and earth is shared from human, animals and other creatures that we don’t even know about them, and because of some humans activities we are distorting the planet so.. our earth need to change by actions not only hope.

And here is my notes that I took for the two movies..


home movie shows how human used the resources of earth and change it in a way that affected the life being and they defected the cycle of ecosystem.

“Story of stuff”
shows the cycle of stuff and goods where economic play role and uses costumers needs to buy more and that harm the earth and make their own benefit.

And Trying to do some more researching about earth issues, facts and collect some information.

Creating a Concept:

We all are responsible..

And here my message starts, where we all are responsible, no gender no culture or religion can stop us to save the earth. We are the causative and we have to care and think about the solutions and make it work to save the earth.

We all have the key to change the earth,, we all have the solutions..


Sketching & Producing form:

Here were I started my sketching and showing both sides ” problems and solutions” as a mirror reflection. I changed it because there were no connection point.

Thinking about time and how we will save the earth as fast as we can before all ends. but this also doesn’t work.

And the last sketch where I developed my concept and show it in a clear why to reach the message for all audience. using a common thing that all people use which is the key as the solution that every person has them, and the lock where the problems are.

First Digital sketch(B&W|)

In my design I was thinking of “Type“, “Colors“, and “simpleness“.

Second Digital sketch.


Third Digital sketch



And with more of feedback, thinking and refining I reached the final point.

Final Mind-Map:



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